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How to Apply


Please note that applicants will also need to fill in an application form for PGR study with the relevant department at the institution of their choice. You should check the local deadlines at the institution you wish to apply to as soon as possible. The links on this page to each of the partner institutions will direct you accordingly.

**Please read the Application Guidance Notes before completing the 2016 Studentship Application.  You will also need to submit a completed Equal Opportunities Form and provide two SEDTC Reference Forms completed by referees of your choice:

 Whilst completing your application, please refer to the ESRC Postgraduate Funding Guide for additional guidance and information.

All areas of research within the relevant pathways will be considered, but applications are particularly welcomed for projects in the areas outlined here.

Applicants wishing to make contact with potential supervisors are advised to explore this with the relevant institution, many of whom publish profiles on their website. However, if you are unable to identify a suitable individual please use the pathway pages to contact the appropriate pathway / institution representative.

Please return your completed application form and related documents to the relevant University Contact person (as detailed in the Guidance Notes under Question 9) by the deadline.

Please note that a Masters is not a prerequisite for studying at the South East DTC.  A range of training programmes are available based on an assessment of the applicants prior learning and training needs.  All studentships are offered on a full or part time basis. 

South East DTC funding is only available to Home or EU students. Both Home and EU students have to satisfy the standard research council eligibility criteria.  See Annex 1 of the Postgraduate Funding Guide for Doctoral Training Centres

EU students who have not been resident in the UK for the 3 years preceding the award will be entitled to a Fees Only award.

Students MUST also apply for PGR study with the relevant department at the partner institution of their choice

• You must contact your preferred department and supervisor to discuss your proposed research in the usual way and follow the PGR application route for the partner institution of your choice.
• Please complete an application for a SE DTC Studentship Application (as detailed above) in addition to your PGR programme application.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have already applied to your chosen partner institution there is no need to reapply but you will still need to complete the SE DTC Studentship Application Form (to be posted above).
For further information on how to apply to your chosen Institution please use one of the following links:

Further guidance on the admissions procedures and internal deadlines at the University of Surrey can be found here

Please note that in some disciplines, studentships are only available to students registered with selected partner institutions (see About Us)

Studentships will be awarded across the DTC on the basis of excellence of the proposal, excellence of the student and fit to the research areas.

The South East DTC is strongly committed to an Equal Opportunities policy and aims to create a culture that supports Equality and Diversity.

Applications for Part Time studentships are welcomed (please note that the minimum time commitment for a part time student is 50% of full time). 

Please click here for the detailed list of Areas of Interest

Funding levels for the 2015/16 year are as follows:

  • Stipend - £14,057 per annum*
  • Fees - £4,052 per annum
  • RTSG - £750 per annum 

Read the  SEDTC RTSG Policy for additional information: 

*Studentships from Royal Holloway also include an additional £2,000 per annum London weighting uplift to the stipend element of the award.

2015-16 Open Competition Timetable
All applicants must have applied for a place on the relevant PhD programme by the institutional deadline
Sep/Oct 2015Open Competition Documentation Published on website
Tues 2 Feb 20164:00 pm:  Closing deadline for student applications for the 2016 Open Competition.
Tue 2-Fri 22 Feb 2016Institutional review of student applications
Mon 22 Feb onwardsLocal Pathway (PW) members inform unsuccessful candidates at their own institution that they have not gone through to the Pathway stage
Tues 23 Feb-Tues 1 Mar 2016Pathway members undertake application evaluations
Fri 4 March 2016All Pathway Business Meeting with DMG Members
From Mon 7 March 2016Local PW members inform unsuccessful candidates at their own institution that they have not gone through to the Selection Panel stage
Thurs 17 March 2016Selection Panel meets
By mid-April 2016Official offer letters are sent to students
By mid-April 2016PWs to notify unsuccessful candidates at their own institutions that they have not been successful at the Selection Panel stage

SEDTC's Local Administrators: 

Kent:  Ros Beeching c.r.beeching@kent.ac.uk

Reading:  Chris Robson -- c.robson@reading.ac.uk

Royal Holloway:  Jane Gawthrope esrcdtp@rhul.ac.uk

Surrey: Emma Dewhirst/Christine Espitalier-Noel -- e.dewhirst@surrey.ac.uk/c.espitalier-noel@surrey.ac.uk



SEDTC University Location Map

Contact details

South East DTC Manager
Christine Espitalier-Noel 

01483 683518

Emma Dewhirst 

01483 682794


Other Studentship Opportunities

Occasionally we have additional studentship opportunities on offer. These will be detailed here.