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The South East DTC recruited its last intake of researchers in 2016 and will not be offering any further studentships.  

The Doctoral Training Centres are due to be replaced by Doctoral Training Partnerships.  DTPs are the same as DTCs, the name change is due to research council harmonisation of terminology. The word partnership refers to:
a. The partnership between the Research Councils and research organisations in the funding and delivery of research training and
b. The partnerships between the organisations involved with consortia.

The Economic and Social Research Council announced in February 2015 that it will be delivering its postgraduate training strategy and studentship funding through a network of approximately 15 Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs) and 5 Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs) from 2017 onwards.  The ESRC call was announced in September 2015.  The ESRC are currently reviewing the application bids for the new DTPs.  The ESRC aims to make its decisions on the new DTPS in the autumn of 2016.  The first DTP studentships will start in October 2017.

The institutions that make up the South East DTC have formed a new consortium to promote the Social Sciences. This important and exciting new research collaboration extends across ten universities in the South and East of England (University of East Anglia, University of Essex, Goldsmiths University of London, University of Kent, University of Reading, Royal Holloway University of London, University of Surrey and the University of Sussex, University of Roehampton and City University).  Roehampton and City are classed as “pockets of excellence.” A pocket of excellence is an institution that does not have sufficient strength across the social sciences to host a DTP, but is clearly strong in specific area

This information will be updated as and when required.

Please email studentships@southeastdtc.ac.uk if you have any questions or require any further information

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